Tom heard the call to serve his country, and by doing so, fulfilled his life mission to be “part of something bigger than himself.”
The Tom Sarwark Memorial Fund is giving our service members with physical and psychiatric wounds a better life, and so, Tom’s service to our country continues.

Your donation to The Tom Sarwark Memorial Fund is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous $5.00

Anonymous $10.00

pilar and joe bonnema $50.00

Sarwark Family $75.00

Mary Ann Siller $40.00

Julie Holloway Hirz $250.00

Chris Sarwark $75.00

Danielle Cockerham $5.00

Mike Jacobus $100.00

Anonymous $5.00

Dot Feldmann $75.00

Margie Wagner $50.00

Terry & Veronica Nagel $100.00

Lynda Shellist $25.00

Bruce and Kelly Ethington $250.00

Nora & Wes Marsh $100.00

Sam Cleary $25.00

Anonymous $50.00

Danielle McPhail $25.00

Brad & Annie Keyes $250.00

Terry Henry $50.00

Patti and Jim Kelly $250.00

Rebecca Messina $50.00

Sven Ericsson $100.00

Total Raised: 125787.00

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